Biathlon is the combination of skiing and shooting

Take part in our biathlons all season long! This sport is the perfect mix of endurance (the skiing portion) and tranquillity (the concentration required when aiming your laser rifle).

Whatever your level, our instructors will show you the ropes! Alone? With friends or family? You will all be able to take part in the rollercoaster of emotions that is our biathlons. What's on the docket? Laser rifle shooting and endurance routes that will give you a taste of the fun that awaits you when you sign up!

This event is open to all! 

check out our prices and book your biathlon lessons

After 2pm, every day
Starting at
40 €
All levels
1 - 5 participants
1 or 1.5hr lessons depending on availability
Equipment included but not insurance
Lessons prices are calculated based on the duration and time selected.

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