off-piste & slalom

class 4 required

For adults that want to put their limits to the test! 

Off-Piste skiing allows you to discover new horizons and see the resort in a whole new light! Go beyond the marked pistes with our instructors who, thanks to their training, know exactly how to adapt their teaching methods to match your needs!

Learn how to do giant slalom like a pro and improve your endurance at the same time! 

Your safety is important to us - in addition to teaching technique, we also ensure that everyone knows how to be safe and the precautions to take when participating in off-piste outings and slalom lessons. 
Depending on availability
only available upon
  • Class 4 required
  • Backpack with avalanche receiver, shovel and probe provided
  • Gear, pass, lunch and insurance not included.
These lessons can be personalised to fit your specific needs.
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